Blockchain / NFT

Powered by blockchain

In Cadenverse, blockchain and NFT will be used for 3 purposes:

  • First, musicians, incarnated by the players, are unique and will grow with their owner. We will use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to provide full ownership of the characters, abilities and associated collectibles to the players.

  • Second, the music: the songs and sound mixes created on our platform will be NFT collectibles marked with immuable records of their history for their creators. As such, players can freely decide to exchange, give or sell those creations.

  • Finally, tracking and paying for music rights: music usage has been a major issue of the music industry over the past 30 years. Especially in a digital environment with complex licensing rules and tracking systems. To reward our content artists, we will use a blockchain infrastructure to provide transparency and tracking of created contents.

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